About Me

 Im Aiyla Beau, an artist, photographer, art director and fetish model specializing in emotionally stimulating fetish art. Hailing from Bristol I completed my BA degree at UWE and initially followed my adult modelling career, the experience of which now plays a huge part in my artistic process. Using my knowledge of the modelling industry, I style, light, direct and shoot my own  images that are displayed in their own right and from which my large realistic artworks are created. 


Using colour pencils and gold leaf, I produce highly evocative, thought provoking pieces, exploring some of the darker nuances of the human psyche, highlighting notions of freedom and control within female sexuality celebrating the freedom that can be attained only when control is relinquished. Through all my work the influence of my own oral fixation is very evident, along with sensory deprivation and restraint, the colourful, realistic portraits are laced with surrealistic tendencies and macabre undertones that definitely stir the senses, with a use of colour that beckons the viewer to look just a little deeper. 

I love the impact my work can have on people, the responses i get range from excitement to outright disgust, to me i don't really mind what emotion i provoke, as long as i provoke and stir something inside of the viewer. I like the idea that I maybe open a door within someone that they perhaps didn't know was there, and that then the feelings that surface around that, must then be confronted.

My Oral fixation

I have a number of different fetishes, least of these being oral fixation, or 'oral craving' which manifests as an obsession with oral stimulation. This can be anything from biting nails and needing chewing gum all the time, to other, more adult stimulation, For me the feeling of a mouth not being able to shut due to being held open or being 'full' or having a mouth overflowing with liquid is a mini obsession.

This video was shot as an homage to that, i'll definitely be shooting more in the future, enjoy!